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Design Philosophy


Inspired by the late 1930's French Classics the Devaux strives to capture the beautiful forms and curves of such notables as Delahay, Delarge and Bugatti.




The design cues are unashamedly 1930's France. For this classic European grand tourer, with it's abundance of sporting character, emanates from an era when stylish design, refinement were just as important as performance.

Indeed, the Devaux captures the essence of some of the world's finest cars and those who know their automotive history ca readily identify elements of the famous coupes of the late 1930's - like the Bugatti57 SC Atlantic, the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Lugano or the Bentley 4 1/4 litre Streamline.

The Devaux's inspiration rests in an era when cars were designed by artists and built by craftsmen - an era when providing everlasting beauty in the 'coachwork' was paramount.



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Yet, for all its inspiration, the Devaux is an original.

A unique car of beautiful proportions, it has been developed by Devaux Cars, Australia to provide the automotive connoisseur with real aesthetic and emotional pleasure.

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